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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The time has come for the re-emergence of MIK3 & NATURALE of underground West Coast group, The BMC's. From unmatched fluid lyricism over bass and horn driven melodies to mesmerizing rock beats that adds a creative twist worthy of a chefs's, is nothing short of amazing and very much needed in music today!

Soothe the savage beast within, and download, "Riders of the Lost Art", written & produced by MIK3, formally known as K3 da Konjourman, with special collaborations with band mates, NATURALE & POOKE DIESEL.

And most certainly, Don't forget your copy of GBOF, Great Barz of Fire, an exclusive freestyle series by MIK3! If you live, sleep and breathe hip hop, this is the artist that truly understood the assignment! One unforgettable freestyle drops every month, so come back frequently to get your download! Only 100 downloads of GBOF freestyle every month, so don't wait! THEY DO GO FAST!!! 🔥☄🔥☄🔥☄🔥☄

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