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Error Dividing Line Objects Sap 2000 V17 46 __FULL__

Runtime errors occur when a program is being executed and, in the case of compiled languages, after the program has been successfully compiled. Runtime errors are, therefore, harder to detect and prevent than compile-time errors [1]. In Java, some of these runtime errors (namely throwable objects which are not exceptions) are triggered at a very early stage, while the program is basically starting up. Namely, there is a process of dynamic loading, linking, and initializing of classes and interfaces by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that occurs at the very beginning of execution of any Java application [2]. This allows for a certain category of errors to be captured and dealt with before the program effectively starts.

Error Dividing Line Objects Sap 2000 V17 46

The first line of the error message (ie: ORA-06502) indicates the error that occurred, while the second line of the error message (ie: ORA-06512) indicates that the error occurred at line 5 of the PLSQL code.


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