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Merge EFilm Workstation 2.1.2 [keygen]

Merge eFilm Workstation 2.1.2

Merge eFilm Workstation is a DICOM viewer that is used in thousands of hospitals, imaging centers and clinics worldwide. It incorporates many features required for day-to-day work, such as window/level presets, synchronized stacking, MPR, reference lines, cine function and integrated CD burning, as well as advanced capabilities such as volume rendering.

eFilm Workstation 2.1.2 is a service pack, based on the functionality of 2.1.0 with a number of defects fixed. The major defects addressed are:

Download File:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements for display and hardcopy of Mammo images.

  • More robust support for site licensing (fixes a number of site licensing problems).

  • Handle larger data sets without crashing by enabling eFilm to acquire up to 3Gb of memory.

  • Proper feedback when retrieving offline studies.

  • Generate correct results for 3D in the case where Patient Position is not available in images.

  • Thumbnail panel changes to make this tool usable when there is a large number of related studies.

The service pack also includes some minor fixes and enhancements, such as adding detail to mammo hardcopy, suppressing filter options for MG, displaying protocol name in RCM for Image Channel, and upgrading to Sheriff 2.8 to fix the temporary license corruption problem caused by 3D hardware. For more details, please refer to the version log.

To download the service pack, please visit the eStore and follow the instructions. You will need a valid license key to install the service pack. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the support team.

We hope you enjoy the improved performance and functionality of eFilm Workstation 2.1.2.


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