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Free Download Drugs Not Thugs [NEW]

  • Drug Dealer Simulator comes with SIX big free updates introducing new mechanics, maps, and dozens of gameplay hours.Weed Growing Update:New marijuana growing mechanics

  • New salesman character

  • New hideout equipment for marijuana production

  • New music: the Two Towers song and several other tracks

  • Super Duper Graphics Update:Completely new sky sphere, exterior lighting and weather system

  • Dynamic Moon with changing phases

  • Completely new and realistic landscape material

  • New lockpick system requiring bobby pins

  • Rework of safe passages accessibility

  • New shadyComm dashboard for the management of sale areas

  • Harty Pard Update:New gang and questline

  • New psychedelic drugs to unlock

  • New wholesale buyer character

  • New downtown shop with new furniture and decorations

  • Reworked drug use effects system

  • Drug binaural audio effects and audio hallucinations

  • Sewer Dealer Bro Update:Explorable map of underground passages accessed via manholes

  • Multiple new loot and spray spawn points

  • New police spawning and behavior mechanics

  • Well-hidden secret with special content

  • Uptown Kings Update:New sector of the map

  • New drug demand system

  • New money laundering mechanics

  • New hideouts

  • Gang rebalancing

  • Security cameras

  • Power sabotage mechanics

  • Apartment manager mode

  • Dealer leveling system

  • Improved time flow

  • More save slots

  • Endgame Update:New endgame content and questline

  • New furniture shop and decorations

  • New mechanic to set up labs, train lab assistants and produce hard drugs

  • New endgame hideouts

  • Steam achievements

Free Download Drugs Not Thugs

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