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Karen Bespalov

Bird Box(2018)

A new pregnant survivor, Olympia, arrives. Half of the group goes to the grocery store Charlie worked at to restock their dwindling food. They drive there in a car with covered windows using GPS navigation system. Malorie gets three pet birds along with their supplies. She notices the entities' presence agitates the birds. Later, Charlie's coworker attacks the group, attempting to force them to look at the creatures. However, Charlie sacrifices himself to save the others. They make it back to the house. Sometime after, Felix and Lucy steal the car and drive away.

Bird Box(2018)

Malorie and the children go blindfolded down the river on a boat, carrying the birds to warn them of the entities. They encounter several obstacles, including an unblindfolded survivor and river rapids. Soon after the three reach shore, they are separated when Malorie accidentally slides down a hill. The entities use Malorie's voice to trick the kids into taking off their blindfolds. Malorie regains consciousness and tells the children where to find her. They eventually reach the community, a former school for the blind. Malorie releases the birds and finally gives the children names, Tom and Olympia, admitting that she is their mother.

A new pregnant survivor, Olympia, arrives, and half of the group go to a nearby supermarket due to the diminishing food supply. Malorie gets some pet birds along with their supplies, and the presence of the entities causes the birds to go into hysterics. The group is attacked by a co-worker of Charlie's, but Charlie sacrifices himself to save the others, who make it back to the house.

Malorie and the children make their way blindfolded down the river on a boat, carrying the birds to have a warning against the entities. The boat flips in the rapids, but they manage to find each other. All three are soon separated again when Malorie accidentally slides down a hill, and the entities attempt to trick the children into removing their blindfolds using Malorie's voice. Malorie regains consciousness, telling the children where to find her.

The Things are agents of those outside the Matrix who are trying to wake us all up from our illusory lives. Unlike the "nice" version depicted in "The Matrix", most people who they awaken go mad. The few who can deal with it know that the most urgent task of all is to wake everyone else up. Birds are agitated around the Things because birds are not real. They are agents of the Matrix keeping the population under surveillance, and hostile to any effort to wake us up.

The Last Judgement has already happened, and we are in Hell, a condition so intolerable that we have shut ourselves off from it in our imagination. Each one of us is the sole occupant of our imaginary world. Everyone's world is different, and different from the original, pre-Judgement world. The Things are intimations of our true condition, that we have not been able to entirely shut out. Birds are strange. Look at the bird-like figures that appear in Hieronymus Bosch's visions.

I was thinking about cats, because they fit 2 out of 3 criteria: some people can't stop sharing cat videos on social networks, and of course birds are afraid of cats. But cats usually don't kill people, only give them toxoplasmosis.

But, hell, this is Hollywood and audiences may go with the flow when Netflix debuts Bird Box in theaters this week ahead of its release on the streaming service. The less said the better about plot developments, which use every twist they can get (the end is a doozy). The haunting, hypnotic, palm-sweating score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross promises way more than the film delivers. By the way, the birds in the box are meant to set off alarms when the monsters approach. They see way more than we do, which is part of the problem. Why should birds have all the fun?

As the supply of food decreases (and with the arrival of a new survivor, Olympia, who is also pregnant), Tom, Malorie, Charlie, and fellow survivors Douglas and Lucy decide to go to a supermarket close by to restock. Malorie finds pet birds and decides to take them along with their supplies. The group attempts to help a coworker of Charlie who is locked outside the supermarket begging for help, and whom Charlie describes as "a little crazy". As they contemplate the risks of opening the door, the birds Malorie was saving go into a hysterical fury. The group is attacked by the infected coworker, who was not killed by the entity but is instead used to infect others. Charlie sacrifices himself to save the others, who are able to make it back safely to the house.

Malorie, the children, and their pet birds (which are contained in a box to protect against the entity) make their way blindfolded down the river on a boat. They fight off an infected survivor and survive raging rapids. The entity chases and tempts the children and Malorie to remove their blindfolds but is unsuccessful, and the three eventually reach the community.

Malorie learns that the community is a former school for the blind and that many members of the community are blind. Because of this, Malorie releases the pet birds from the box to the other birds up on the ceiling. Malorie finally gives the children names (Tom and Olympia). 041b061a72


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