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ArtStation €? Environment Design €? The Final Illustration With Grady Frederick

This course with Roberto Gatto goes over the process of designing an environment with the use of Clip Studio Paint and 3D tools. Starting from the initial idea and gathering references, the course moves into exploring designs, going over the 3D process and design basics, and finally bringing the environment to a finish inside of Clip Studio Paint.

ArtStation – Environment Design – The Final Illustration With Grady Frederick

With this three-part series, Devon Fay covers everything you need to know to create a 3D environment art illustration, from your initial inspiration all the way to a completed render. Devon begins the series with a look at turning your initial inspiration into a working idea.

Part 1 of 3. More than just pretty landscapes, environment design is about the process of searching for what you want a region to feel like for your audience, and the story it tells. In this first part of a three part series, Grady Frederick will discuss the design mentality you should have as you begin to think about what your environment will become, and why. He will cover the practice of using Graphic Sketching to search for your best ideas to build your final concept on.Watch online or Download for Free01. Intro02. Brief and File Set Up03. First Sketch04. Layers, Brushes, Values05. Make Big Changes06. Clouds07. Priorities08. New Direction09. Design Thinking10. Figures and Storytelling11. Perspective12. Using Reference13. Happy Accidents14. Looking with Fresh Eyes15. Beat Artists Block16. Recap and Final ThoughtsCourse


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