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Film Dus Kahaniyaan Download

Film Dus Kahaniyaan Download - A Review of the Anthology Film

If you are looking for a film that offers a variety of stories, genres, and emotions, then you might want to check out the film Dus Kahaniyaan download. Dus Kahaniyaan is a 2007 Hindi-language anthology film that consists of ten short films, each directed by a different filmmaker. The film features an ensemble cast of some of the most popular actors in Bollywood, such as Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar, Naseeruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpayee, Arbaaz Khan, Jimmy Sheirgill, Diya Mirza, Neha Dhupia, Shabana Azmi, and Dino Morea. The film explores themes such as infidelity, companionship, lust, betrayal, friendship, and human nature through its diverse and engaging stories.

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What are the ten stories in Dus Kahaniyaan?

The ten stories in Dus Kahaniyaan are as follows:

  • Matrimony: A bored wife (Mandira Bedi) has an affair with an army officer (Sudhanshu Pandey) and devises a plan to get a diamond necklace from him. However, she is shocked to discover that her husband (Arbaaz Khan) is also cheating on her with his secretary.

  • High on the Highway: Two young lovers (Jimmy Sheirgill and Masumeh Makhija) are addicted to drugs and each other. They decide to elope and escape from their families and society. However, their plan goes awry when they encounter a cop (Ashwin Mushran) on the highway.

  • Pooranmasi: A widowed mother (Amrita Singh) tries to protect her daughter (Minissha Lamba) from the advances of a lecherous landlord (Parmeet Sethi). She resorts to a drastic measure when she finds out that her daughter has fallen in love with him.

  • Strangers in the Night: A married couple (Neha Dhupia and Mahesh Manjrekar) have a conversation about their past lovers and fantasies. They realize that they have more in common than they thought.

  • Zahir: A writer (Manoj Bajpayee) is haunted by the memories of his ex-girlfriend (Diya Mirza), who committed suicide. He meets a mysterious woman (Tara Sharma) who claims to know everything about him and his past.

  • Lovedale: A terminally ill woman (Anuradha Patel) reunites with her childhood sweetheart (Aftab Shivdasani) after 40 years. They reminisce about their old days and confess their feelings for each other.

  • Sex on the Beach: A lonely man (Dino Morea) finds a bottle on the beach with a message from a woman (Tareena Patel). He decides to meet her at the same spot. However, he gets more than he bargained for when he encounters a mysterious creature (Neha Oberoi).

  • Rice Plate: A Hindu woman (Shabana Azmi) who hates Muslims accidentally shares a rice plate with a Muslim man (Naseeruddin Shah) at a railway station. She learns a valuable lesson about humanity and tolerance from him.

  • Gubbare: A bickering couple (Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Roy) take a cab ride with a cheerful driver (Nana Patekar) who gives them some advice on love and life. He reveals that he is carrying a bunch of balloons for his wife's birthday.

  • Rise & Fall: Two underworld dons (Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty) who are best friends turn enemies when one of them betrays the other. They engage in a violent showdown that ends in tragedy.

Where can you watch or download Dus Kahaniyaan?

If you are interested in watching or downloading Dus Kahaniyaan, you have several options available. You can rent or buy the film from [Google Play], where you can also watch the trailer and read some reviews. You can also stream the film on [JustWatch], where you can compare the prices and availability of different platforms. Alternatively, you can read more about the film on [Wikipedia], where you can find the plot summaries, cast details, and critical reception of each story.

What are some of the benefits of watching Dus Kahaniyaan?

Watching Dus Kahaniyaan can be a rewarding experience for several reasons. Here are some of the benefits of watching this film:

  • You can enjoy a variety of stories, genres, and emotions in one film. You can experience drama, comedy, romance, horror, thriller, and social commentary in different segments.

  • You can witness some of the finest performances by some of the most talented actors in Bollywood. You can see how they portray different characters and situations with skill and conviction.

  • You can appreciate the creativity and vision of different filmmakers who have contributed to this anthology. You can see how they have used different styles, techniques, and themes to tell their stories.

  • You can learn something new or gain a new perspective on life, love, and human nature from each story. You can relate to some of the characters and situations and reflect on your own experiences and values.


Dus Kahaniyaan is a film that offers something for everyone. It is a collection of ten short films that tell ten different stories with different genres, emotions, and messages. It features an ensemble cast of some of the best actors in Bollywood and is directed by a host of talented filmmakers. It is a film that you can watch or download from various platforms and enjoy at your convenience. It is a film that you can watch for entertainment, inspiration, or enlightenment.


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