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Kaleafornia Hairomatherapy was established in 2005 with TWO missions: to offer a high-quality 100% Vegan Haircare option for those in need of scalp therapy, I like to call HAIRomatherapy... and to "Take Pain Out of Beauty!". My passion for excellence inspired me in the beginning and continues to drive me today. I pride myself on offering a superior haircare product line while continuing to nurture new & long-term relationships I have built with customers who can attest to why Kaleafornia Hairomatherapy is a necessary addition to the beauty industry. Pay my store a visit and try these hidden gems for yourself!

I've created PHENOMENAL formulas with the perfect tender, sensitive scalp & follicle health blend just for YOU! No Artificial Ingredients, No Fillers, No alcohol, simply Au Naturale! Kaleafornia Hairomatherapy™ Essential Hair Oil Blends that are "Taking Pain Out of Beauty!"™ Experience a non-itchy, healthier scalp by soothing, stimulating, and repairing hair follicles, in turn, promoting ultimate pain relief and hair growth!

These items are not only of the highest quality but also comes in a variety of UNIQUE & CREATIVE options to suit your needs. Like, the FIRST & ONLY Hairomatherapy Hair Oil Candle! It's the only one of its kind on the market, and you can only get it here at Kaleafornia Hairomatherapy!

Healthy All-Natural Hair Products, Ethically Sourced Extensions & Hair Services Focused on Basic Protective Styles…We’re What Women Want!

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